Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

Wonderful kitchen items for the Orchid....

Hallo Mini-friends!
I just wanted to show you the wonderful kitchen items I won in the
giveaway of Windy Point Miniatures!!!
It is unbelievable how tiny the forks are...
it was hard to arrange them in a nice way on the table since my fingers are too big :-)
And there were additional items in the letter I received!!!
4 tiny napkins and a lovely little book!!
Thank you very much, Jennifer!!!!

This is a picture of the kitchen in the Orchid.
As you can see there are million of things missing!

I bought this Bespaq hutch a few years ago when I was at the miniature fair
in Soest (Germany).
To make it a little bit more shabby chic I added some laces and pink paper.

And this oven was a bargain I saw on the internet on "willhaben".
I think this this is something like "craigslist"?!

So, if you also want to have such wonderful kitchen items as I have
visit Jennifer etsy shop!
There you will find many lovely things!!!
See you soon,
Hugs Lina

Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2013

Pocket door- Tutorial Part 2

I started to work again to finish the pocket door.
As you can see the backside of the door is still not paint!
This is the "kitchen wall"... it's made of foam board (3mm).
I added some spacer (5mm foam board)
first to limit the space for the door and second
to make the wall more stable.
Here you can also see that I added a wood strip to limit the door vertically.
To increase the tendency to slide I glued some polythene foil to both walls.

Just to make sure that everything fits...
the opened door...

and closed...

This is the fiew from the kitchen...

and this from the hallway
 (well actually it's the view from the living room... but the door is still missing!)

This is just the first dry fit since I still have to install
the wiring for the lamps!
I hope that I described anything understandable :-)
Enjoy building your own pocket door!!!
See you soon

Montag, 25. Februar 2013

Pocket door - Tutorial Part 1

Inspired by Otterine's wonderful pocket door I started to build one for my Beacon Hill.
Since I like to build things on my own withouth purchasing it finished I try to build a pocket door from cardboard and wood strips.

First, I build a "frame" for the door from wood strips in the same sice as the cutaway for the door in the wall of the Beacon Hill.
Remember that there should be enough space around the "door" which is necessary for the working mechanism.
The design you choose for your door is up to you :-)

I cut some door panels from cardboard
and glued them to the pocket door.
And I added an additional wood strip at the brink of the door to hide the different layers of wood and cardboard.
This is the side facing the hallway of the BH

And this is the side of the pocket door facing the kitchen of the BH.
I also added card baord to clear the difference between the white cardboard and the wood strips of the "door".
Now each structure is on the same level.

Here you can see the first layer of paint on my "pocket door".

Here I stopped working because we spend the weekend in Rome/ Italy and I didn't have time for my minis.
However, I'm not sure if the pocket door will work...
We will see....   :)
See you soon,

Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2013

Beacon Hill - Day 1

I already told you that I have a Beacon Hill dollhouse by Greenleaf...
well... I saw this dollhouse for the first time in the year 1994 when I was 15 years old.
Everyday on the way to school I passed by a craft store which sold dollhouse furnitures and wallpapers, etc.
There I bought this Greenleaf catalogue and I was dreaming about the Beacon Hill!!!
(Yes, I still have this catalogue!!!)
I had no chance to get the Beacon Hill :-(
First, I had no money... second, I think there was no possibility to buy one at the craft store... just the catalogue.
October last year, I found an online shop in the USA that ships to Europe!
First I thought this house it too expensive but then a friend of mine convinced me to buy it.
(Ja Graziella, ich meine Dich!!!)
I bought it 18 years after I saw this house for the first time!!!

Six days after I placed my order, the kit arrived in Vienna.

And last weekend I started to build it:
First, I wanted to bash the kit extremely and than I realized, that it wouldn't be the Beacon Hill anymore since I wanted to change the outer walls and add one floor and so on...
That's the reason why I'm bashing the kit just a little bit.
And I will build another dollhouse one day from skratch... some day... however...
That's all for today!
See you soon
And as usually, a warm welcome to my new followers!
Thanks for following!!!

Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2013

I am sooooo happy!!!

I am the lucky winner of the first giveaway of "The Teahouse and Pantry at Windy Point Miniatures"!!!
Thank you soooo much and thanks to the two furry helper for picking my name :-)
I'm really excited about the price and it fits perfect to my little cottage!!!

Please take a look at Windy Point Miniatures and at her Etsy shop!
You will find lovely things there :-)

Samstag, 2. Februar 2013

I need your help...

After our movement to the new apartment (I never move again!!!) I would love to start my Beacon Hill dollhouse. But... I never ever installed lamps in my dollhouses! It would be great if you would have some tips and tricks how to electrify a greenleaf dollhouse!!!!
Which technique is the better or more suitable? The tape or cables???
So many questions and I have no clue :-(
I think there shouldn't be a post without a picture :)
Here is one of the stair hall in my big town house. As you can see it is not finished yet and unfortunately I took the wrong lacquer at the building center for the stairs. It is high gloss and I think it doesn't look good on stairs! However, I will repaint the stairs one day...


The wall paneling is made of cardboard and wood sticks, painted with emulsion.

I love to make my minis with the things I have without spending to a lot of money.

This makes more fun :-)

See you soon and thank you all for your nice comments!!!
Hugs, Lina