Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013

A new project!

Hey followers!
I will start a new project called "townhouses"!
For this reason I added a new tab to my blog, which is only dedicated to this new project!
I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do!
See you soon, Lina

Samstag, 15. Juni 2013

Willowcrest- Tiles at the entrance hall

Good morning followers!!!!
Today, I would like to show you how I did the tile floor at the entrance hall....
all you need is:
smoothing cement
coffee (no... not for you!!!)
First I painted a piece of cardboard with black varnish.... I just needed a very samll part of this cardboard but I'm sure that I will find some other projects for the rest of it!
I cut a pattern of the floor (also on a piece of thin cardboard) and marked the center of it...
You need some "tiles" cut again from cardboard:
tiny black squares: 0,5x 0,5 cm
big white squares: 2 x 2 cm
and long white tiles: 0,5 x 2 cm
I started in the center of the floor just by gluing the tiles with tacky glue to the cardboard pattern...
be sure to keep a small gap between the tiles...
at the end I varnished the complete floor with transparent varnish...
as soon as the floor was dry I used some smoothing cement to fill the gaps between the tiles
and finally I used some coffee to make the floor a little bit old and shabby... and your house smells great!!!!
So, I hope you like this little tutorial and if you try it I wish you great success!!!
Hugs, Lina


Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013

Willowcrest - Day 1

I bought two wonderful chairs at the 1:12 fair in Germany last weekend and I decided to place them in my Willowcrest dollhouse!

These adorable chairs and carpets are made by Minimi's smatt & sant from Sweden.


I thought the chairs are a good reason to start to build this kit!!!!!
(Acutally, the Beacon Hill is still under construction because the staircase is no fitting well to the stair hall and I am not in the mood to build a new one....)
However, I started to build the Willowcrest and I am very pleased with the outcome at the moment!!!
To be sure that I will post a few new things in the next days, I will show you just a small part of the progress in each of my Posts :)
So... here is the beginning of my new dollhouse!

Again, I bashed the kit a little bit by removing the roof of the front porch!
I did a BIG mistake.... because in Europe the first floor means the second in case of a greenleafe kit.
Due to this fact I cut off the floor of the front porch instead of the roof :(
No matter.... I was able to glue all parts together and in the end it was not such a big mistake!

I'm thinking about cutting a window into the bathroom/stair hall wall!

So... as I told you there are already a lot of new pictures to show you!
Look forward for next Posts :)
See you soon!!!!

Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013

Rheda-Wiederbrück in Germany

Hey friends!!!
Last weekend I visited the 1:12 fair in Rheda-Wiederbrück/ Germany.
I bought a lot of wonderful thing there :)
But today, I would like to show you some doors I saw in this wonderful City:
This house was built in the year 1607!!!
... in the year 1559


and finally: 1610!
See you soon!
Hugs, Lina