Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012

New beginnings....

well... two years ago I deactivated my blog "Taenias Miniatures". Some of you probably remember me and my work?! In the meantime my old blog was inherited by someone else so I have to start my new blog "Linchens little cottage! "Taenias Miniatures" is still online but it's not about miniatures anymore.
However, this new blog will be again about my love for miniatures and about the progress of building my dollhouses. I'm the proud owner of five dollhouses (all under construction)... the Beacon Hill dollhouse... the Orchid... the Heritage and the Vineyard Cottage. Furthermore I have a typical European dollhouse build according to a plan of "the big town house of Minimundus".
I hope that you will enjoy my stories and the pictures of my "treasures"!!!
Welcome to my blog