Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013

Willowcrest - Day 1

I bought two wonderful chairs at the 1:12 fair in Germany last weekend and I decided to place them in my Willowcrest dollhouse!

These adorable chairs and carpets are made by Minimi's smatt & sant from Sweden.


I thought the chairs are a good reason to start to build this kit!!!!!
(Acutally, the Beacon Hill is still under construction because the staircase is no fitting well to the stair hall and I am not in the mood to build a new one....)
However, I started to build the Willowcrest and I am very pleased with the outcome at the moment!!!
To be sure that I will post a few new things in the next days, I will show you just a small part of the progress in each of my Posts :)
So... here is the beginning of my new dollhouse!

Again, I bashed the kit a little bit by removing the roof of the front porch!
I did a BIG mistake.... because in Europe the first floor means the second in case of a greenleafe kit.
Due to this fact I cut off the floor of the front porch instead of the roof :(
No matter.... I was able to glue all parts together and in the end it was not such a big mistake!

I'm thinking about cutting a window into the bathroom/stair hall wall!

So... as I told you there are already a lot of new pictures to show you!
Look forward for next Posts :)
See you soon!!!!

8 Kommentare:

  1. Hey Lina, it is great to see you started building your Willowcrest. My W-kit is still lying on top of a cupboard, waiting for me to finish my Miniature House. If I ever do.....
    I will follow your progress eagerly, I am sure you are going to make it wonderful and it is such a charming house. The chairs you bought at the fair are really pretty and match perfectly with the style of the house. Hope to see more of your work on it soon! Hugs, liduina.

  2. I like your new house. I'm curious to see the progress.
    Chairs and rugs are fabulous and so elegant.
    Greetings, Faby

  3. Unas sillas preciosas y la estructura de su casa promete, me encantará verla terminada, feliz semana:-)

  4. The chairs are wonderful! This was a great purchase!
    The Willowcrest promises to be a beautiful dollhouse. =)

  5. Very cute chairs, and very different.

  6. Hello Lina,
    those chairs are superb. The kit is coming along nicely. I look forweard to seeing it progress.
    bgi hug,

  7. Se ve una casa estupenda y la tapicería de las sillas me parece magnífica.