Samstag, 6. Juli 2013

Willowcrest- Day 2

Good morning everyone!!!!
I allready finished the building of the Willowcrest dollhouse a few days ago. But just the bare woodwork and not the tiles, wallpapers, etc....
Again, I bashed the kit! The chimney in the attic room was hughe and there was no proper space for a double bed! Actually, the attic was originally planned as one big room but I didn't like it!

So, I cut the chimney and added a ceiling to the kit and three walls! Now I have a small stair hall, a bedroom and one additional tiny room. No idea what I will do with this tiny room, but I like it!

Furthermore, I cut two windows into the foam board walls to the staircase to make it more "open".

Thank you for all the tips concerning the elecrifitcation of my dollhouse!
I decided to use the wire technique!
Have a nice weekend!
See you soon,

9 Kommentare:

  1. Dear Lina,
    What a wonderful dollhouse. I like to follow the progress. Good luck with the interior!
    Greetings Dorien

  2. C'est une fort jolie demeure,c'est beaucoup de travail mais cela en vaut la peine!

  3. I like the structure of your dollhouse. I'm curious to see more.
    Greetings, Faby

  4. Your house is beautiful. I admire people that bash their house I do not have the courage or know how to try it lol. Looking forward to seeing more.
    Hugs Maria

  5. Hi Lina, It's fun watching your kit bashing. Very creative! xo Jennifer

  6. Hi Lina, you made a few clever changes to your Willowcrest. it's real nice to follow your progress and watch how you tackle drawbacks of the original design. Keep up the good work! Hugs, liduina

  7. Hello Lina,
    Great alteration to the attic floor plan. It makes for a much better room. I look forward to seeing more.
    Big hug,

  8. It looks so grand and gorgeous already. This is going to be a superb house.

  9. Hello Lina!
    I am happy to find your blog! It will be a big, beautiful house! Very good change you did. I think the small room could be a sewing room.
    A hug!