Samstag, 2. Februar 2013

I need your help...

After our movement to the new apartment (I never move again!!!) I would love to start my Beacon Hill dollhouse. But... I never ever installed lamps in my dollhouses! It would be great if you would have some tips and tricks how to electrify a greenleaf dollhouse!!!!
Which technique is the better or more suitable? The tape or cables???
So many questions and I have no clue :-(
I think there shouldn't be a post without a picture :)
Here is one of the stair hall in my big town house. As you can see it is not finished yet and unfortunately I took the wrong lacquer at the building center for the stairs. It is high gloss and I think it doesn't look good on stairs! However, I will repaint the stairs one day...


The wall paneling is made of cardboard and wood sticks, painted with emulsion.

I love to make my minis with the things I have without spending to a lot of money.

This makes more fun :-)

See you soon and thank you all for your nice comments!!!
Hugs, Lina

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  1. Looks wonderful, I cannot advise about wire work but have you popped over the Greenleaf forums? Its a a trove of help ;P

    When its not down for maintenance ;(

  2. Hi Lina! I recommend round wire. This is what I have purchased but not yet installed. But I have studied so much on it that I am no longer intimidated by it. Apparently it's much easier to fix if something stops working than tape wire would be. I love your hall! It will be very nice when it's all finished. I like how the stairs go.

  3. You can buy battery lamps; no wires. See
    I like your wall paneling.
    Bye Faby

  4. I've never tried to install power so I do not know anything about it. It already looks exciting.


  5. I also have never done electrical installation, sorry can not help you.
    But it seems that you will receive great tips. Good Luck!

  6. I use battery because I have had so many problems. Like Lucille said- I did the tape wire and when the house was finished it stopped working. I think with the tape it's really easy for things to get loose.
    Thanks for being part of my giveaway!

  7. Hola, me encanta tu blog, haces cosas maravillosas, si te apetece podemos mantener el contacto. Besitos.

  8. I can recommend the cable system. It's easy to install. gr. AM

  9. Hello Lina,
    That staircase is spectacular! i just love it and the shine does not show that much in the picture. In regards to electrical, I only use round wire systems now. The tape system was too much trouble and unreliable. I suggest looking up dollhouse electrification on youtube. I've seen many different videos, but once again, I really suggest round wire systems.
    Big hug,

  10. hello! Wired lights is easy to assemble, but there are lights that are battery powered, no wiring, have a little button to light them at anytime. Look at this website, so you know what I'm talking about:
    Hope this helps aid. hugs.

  11. HI Lina,

    I can't offer you many tips on lighting - because I have only done it once myself (so I will be reading the tips you get!). But I love this staircase, it is very well laid out with good proportions.
    Thanks for following my blog, and I look forward to your future posts!

  12. The light in the dolls house with wire lamps is very easy..but you can try with the battery powered lamps for exemple of The Dolls House Emporium (UK)...Hugs

  13. Thank you all for your tips concerning the elecrification of my dollhouse!

    I will try the technique with wire! And I will probably mix it with some battery powered lamps (walls and tables). I hope this will work :-)

    Thank you also for your nice comments to my stair hall. I will make it a little bit dirty as soon as all the walls are constructed! I hope that I can show you some new pictures of the stair hall soon!


  14. I have used both the tape and the wire, the tape is really a pain it will be working one moment then you get your paper in and nothing. The wire is a little harder to hide but if you make grooves for it then its fine. I would def go with the wire if I were you. Good luck! Cant wait to see it lit!