Dienstag, 12. März 2013


In January I spend a few days in London for business reasons.
As usually I was looking for dollhouse and miniature shops :-)
But in London I found no other dollhouse shop than Harrods.
The dollhouse department of Harrods was a little bit disapointing.
They had a beautiful big house there but unfortunately, they had just a few things to buy!
A few wallpapers, some pieces of furniture and some other things.


This is a miniature scene I saw at the natural history museum...


I thought that you are probably interested in some mini-pictures from London!
Have a nice day
see you soon!!!!!
Hugs Lina

10 Kommentare:

  1. Hi. That is some Wonderful dollhouses that you are showing. Thank´s for charing the photos.

    Lil in Sweden

  2. It is incredible that London, do not have several shops, I have the impression that miniature 1-12 is a really great hobby in England. It is an impressive beautiful dollhouse you found in Harrods. I hope you still got bought some good things.

  3. Hi Lina, thanks for sharing these photos!
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. These houses are wonderful.
    In London I found minis at Portobello market, but the prices were quite high.
    Bye Faby

  5. Hello Lina,
    What a shame that Harrods has such a limited section. The hous eis rather beautiful though. I hope you enjoyed your trip.
    Big hug,

  6. Hello Lina!
    The shop is so nice. I would be broke if I were there looking at all of those nice things!
    Many hugs and kisses,

  7. Hello
    Next time you go to London . There is a veery nice shop .
    Kristin Baybars's emporium is at 7 Mansfield Road, Gospel Oak, London NW3

    1. Hey Janne!

      Thank you for this information!!!! :-)
      You can be sure that I will visit this shop nex time

      Hugs, Lina

  8. Hi Lina
    I would love to go to London and am VERY jealous! Thanks for the nice pictures