Samstag, 9. März 2013

Ooops... I did it again...

Just a short post:
I did it again!!!
I couldn't resist to order another Greenleaf dollhouse kit :-)
I saw this Willowcrest kit on ebay and it was delivered from Germany.
So it was some kind of bargain... not really... but it was.

Dont't ask me when I will start to build this house..... someday!!!
See you soon,

11 Kommentare:

  1. I love that kit...its awesome. Congrats on the purchase.

  2. Yes the house is so great and nice, that I understand that you bought it. You will have a lot of fun buliding it!

    Lil in Sweden

  3. Lina, that's a beautiful house! I've often seen it all done up and decorated. It has so much potential!

  4. That's a wonderful house!
    Bye Faby

  5. Hi Lina, your new treasure looks AMAZING! Can't wait to see what your going to do with it! Hug AM

  6. So many plans and so many options, it looks great. One day I will like one to.

  7. Hi Lina, congratulations with your Willowcrest-kit. You know what: I have the same kit lying on my cupboard at home as well, waiting to be unpacked and build. I bought it years ago on a dutch kind of ebay, with the money my father gave me for my birthday. Just like you, Lina, I simply could not let this beautiful kit-house slip away. But at the same time I thought; O dear, what have I done! I haven't even finished my current dutch house yet! And the Orchid is also still on my list of wishes....:D

  8. it's a beautiful house! I have the same problem- too many houses and not enough time :) It's a miniature curse-lol!

  9. Hello Lina! Congratulations on the purchase of the Willowcrest! I have had this kit also and it had been sitting in the garage waiting and waiting and waiting. I finally pulled it out of the garage and into the house and opened it looked at the instructions and put everything back inside the box and now it is sitting behind the door in my Studio, waiting and waiting ........! I will not do anything with it until I have the Greenleaf Arthur finished and I have only just startedon it in earnest. I like the lines of the Willocrest and the shape of the roof. I have read a couple of blogs where they have put it together and they caution about the front hall as it is sandwiched between the front porch and the kitchen( which is why I like the house ) but it is not possible to decorate it unless you do it before the kitchen wall is installed, so keep that in mind when you finally get to doing yours. Have fun!