Dienstag, 1. Januar 2013

Happy new year...

Happy New Year
I will start the New Year with a picture of the guestroom of my "big town house".
It is located at the attic of the house which has 16 rooms on 5 floors. I removed all the wallpapers and the floor covers a few months ago to design it a little bit shabby.

The front of the house was build by my father so I will never change it even if it is not exactly the style I like. However, my father invested a lot of time and work to build the front and last but not least it was a Christmas surprise!!!

See you soon!

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  1. Hello Lina, welcome back in the blogworld :D!! For me your blog was very hard to find, because it didn't show up on my followers list!
    Your dollshouse is great, love the story about the front build by your father.
    I'll hope to see more of your miniatures soon.
    Greetings, Ilona

    1. Hallo Ilona!

      Thank you for your nice comment!
      Unfortunately, I dont't know how to manage that my blog adress is shown when following the blog of somebody else :-(

      I hope that I can fix the problem soon!!!

      Hugs Lina

    2. Haaa haaa... I just managed it!!!
      I'm so glad that it worked because it drove me nuts!!!!!

  2. Dear Lina, Very nice to connect with your site. What a frustrating time you had with the door of the Orchid.
    Sometimes you can use a portion of a sewing needle placed on the hinge side of the top and the bottom of the door to create a swivel/swing. It is difficult but if you push holes in the frame to receive the needles that are in the door frame you can manipulate it into place. The "swing" is a bit delicate but does allow the door to open and shut.
    You are correct that it does seem more hospitable to have the door open slightly and I do not think it is necessary for it to open fully. I always have to remind myself it is the appearance of a thing not the actual thing that allows our miniature world to be more realistic.
    Regards and thankyou for visiting me.

  3. what a beautiful house this is- and so special to be built by your father too. I have been having a look around on your blog- it is all so lovely. Your Orchid is really pretty so far- I look forward to seeing more :)