Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2013

The best Christmas surprise ever!!

Last Christmas my beloved partner surprised me with a dollhouse kit from Greenleaf!!!
He ordered the house in the USA and it was delivered to Austria within a few days. Unfortunately, the only way to buy a Greenleaf kit for Europeans is to order it on the internet. And the price for the kit doubles usually due to shipping and the custom duty.
However, since Christmas I'm the proud owner of "the Orchid" dollhouse!

Immediately, I started to build this beautiful house and as you can see on the pictures the building process is going well.

This is a complete view of the back side of the house...

This will be the tiny living room:
The fireplace is made from cardboard and painted with dispersion paint. I'm not really pleased with the result because the paint was a little bit too thick for my taste.


The stair in the kitchen is still under construction....
This will be the bedroom...

And finally the house has a tiny bathroom.
The wallpaper in the bathroom is scrap booking paper and I think it looks lovely!

There are still many things left to do... windows.. the door... and the complete outside of the house. Also many gaps have to be filled with paint.
I hope you enjoy the tour throug my (empty) Orchid!

4 Kommentare:

  1. Welcome back to blogland :) I hope to see lots more of your houses.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Hallo Maria!

      Thank you for your comment and thanks for following.
      You are the first follower of my blog :-)

      Hugs Lina

  2. Hello Maria!!
    happy new year! and thank you very much for your comment and follow.!!
    Congratulations on this beautiful gift.'s House is gorgeous. I will follow your progress

  3. Hi Lina, "The Orchid" is one of my favorite houses of Greenleaf. And the way you decorate it is very tastefull; the colours so harmoniously chosen. The fireplace is fantastic too. Well done! I'll follow your blog gladly. Greetings from Liduina.