Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

The roof is finished....

I'm absolutely overwhelmed that I have sooooooo many followers in such a short time since I started this blog!

Again, I thank you all for following!!!!!!

Last weekend I worked many hours to finish the front and the roof of the Orchid. Inspired by the "Shabby Cottage" of  Liberty Biberty I made the house similar to the roof of the Shabby Cottage.

First I tried to glue the shingles on the roof but it didn't work and after two rows of shingles I was so angry about the poor quality that I removed them again. So I just painted the wood of the roof with grey emulsion paint and added some wood stripes as soon as the color was dry. Subsequently I painted the complete roof (including the wood stripes) again. After drying I used very thin black color to make the roof a little bit shabby and dirty.

As you can see I also added a gazebo to the house. I didn't like the bay window as it was planned by the company so decided to change it. I also changed the roof of the bay window.
I will not put the trimmings on the house because they are a little bit to kitschy for my taste. Probably I will put some of them on the roof... we will see... 

 I'm not sure if I will post something in the next days.  I will be in London next week for business reasons and we are moving to a new apartment at the end of January.
This will be a loooooot of work :-(
See you soon,

11 Kommentare:

  1. The roof is beautiful! I really love it- and I really like your other changes.

  2. This is a lovely home. I like the original roof.
    Bye Faby

  3. Привет!
    Очень красивый дом! Мне очень нравится!

  4. Lovely blog and I see great scenes! I'm glad you found each other!
    kiss, ANDA

  5. It will be a very nice home. Have a good trip to England.


  6. Wow the roof looks great, Lina, well done.
    A lot of success for the coming time. Take your time, we'll wait :D
    Hugs, Ilona

  7. Hello lina,
    the cottage is looking lovley. i look forwar dot seeing more. good luck with work and the move. I'll be thinking of you,

  8. Hello Lina, your work looks amazing. I love the suitcase you made shown in your previous post. Wishing you a lovely day. gr. AM

  9. Me gusta mucho como has resuelto el tejado,queda con ese aspecto antiguo tan bonito!!!
    Espero que la mudanza no te lleve demasiado tiempo!!!!

  10. Hello Lina There is a dreamy quality to this little cottage as if it is viewed through the veil of mists from the sea. It is very soothing to look at and seems to hold a few secrets already! I love the windows that you've chosen and I really like the color of the roof! This is a very dainty and charming little cottage.